Jesus is the Light

Pastor Marty discusses the concept of light in contrast to darkness. He shows that darkness cannot overcome light and that light is both the life of God in us and the knowledge of the gospel. The light of life is required to have the light of knowledge. Come and join us today as we learn…

Something You Did Not Expect from the Pulpit

Pastor Marty spends this message talking about commitment from the perspective of being committed to Christ rather than being committed to the church. We should be committed to Christ, and therefore should be the church. As the Bride of Christ, we should embody what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ. Play…


In today’s message, Brother Marty looks at some of the uses of the terms always and alway in the word of God. In particular, we look at the things that the Bible says that God always does and what the word encourages us to always do. Please join us as we listen to this message…

False Prophets Characterized

Brother Marty Hoskins takes up Jude’s description of false teachers/prophets. He also looks at Jude’s declaration of judgement upon them. Play in new window | Download

Don’t Be Like the False Prophets

Elder Marty Hoskins looks further into the book of Jude at his description of the false prophets. These descriptions are troubling as many of the sins can be found among church members today. Pastor Marty also talks about Jude’s reference to Michael, the archangel, and the possible interpretations of that reference. Play in new…

There is Reason to Contend

Elder Marty Hoskins continues the series on the book of Jude by discussing two primary reasons that we should contend for the faith: 1) there are false teachers that have crept into our churches and our hearts, and 2) there are consequences to the loss of truth. Play in new window | Download

Jude – A Faith Worth Fighting For

Pastor Marty Hoskins used Jude verse 3 to explain what the “common salvation” is and what it means to contend for it. He also discusses how “the faith” was once delivered and how important Biblical truth is to Jude and, therefore, should be to us. Play in new window | Download

Jude – The Holy Trinity

This is the first message in a series on the Book of Jude by our Pastor, Marty Hoskins. In this first message, Brother Marty discusses the authorship of Jude and then examines the three characterizations that Jude uses to identify his audience. Listen to the message and see the work of The Holy Trinity in…

Unto the Other Side

In this message, Pastor Marty Hoskins takes up Mark 4:35-41 where the disciples grow fearful of a storm that has swamped the ship in which they are sailing. Brother Marty challenges us to think abstractly in considering the journey in the ship as a metaphor for life and the storm as a metaphor for the…

An Everlasting Kingdom

This message was preached by Pastor Marty Hoskins during the 2020 presidential election. Our nation is certainly divided, but there is a kingdom beyond this kingdom that deserves more of our focus. Play in new window | Download

The Brothers of Jesus

In this sermon by Pastor Marty Hoskins we are told that Jesus had four brothers (half brothers) and the relationship between Jesus and his brothers was not always a positive one. However, in spite of the difficulties between Jesus and his brothers, there is a beautiful story of redemption as these brothers all are found…

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Pastor Marty Hoskins delivers a message of profound redemption looking at the potential doubts of Mary in spite of her early assurances of Jesus’ identity. However, we find her at the cross receiving compassion from her son. Play in new window | Download