Church Covenant

The Primitive Baptist

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Dallas, Georgia

mutually agree:

Believing that our Almighty God

  • has made us alive in Christ who were dead in trespasses and sins,
  • and has blessed us to hear and believe the gospel of His finished work in Christ;

We, the undersigned,

  • having repented of our sins to God,
  • making public profession of our faith in Christ,
  • having Scriptural baptism and being added to the Lord’s church,


  • lovingly and solemnly covenant together to lift up the name of Jesus in our words and deeds as His servants by His grace,
  • to teach, baptize and teach His disciples as the leadership of Holy Spirit God allows,
  • to observe the Lord’s Supper and wash the saints feet.

Having given ourselves to Christ,

  • we do agree to follow His discipline
  • to pray for each other,
  • to watch over one another for good,
  • to keep our hearts and minds on Christ Jesus,
  • to season our words with salt,
  • to attend and give attention in public worship,
  • to give ourselves and of our material goods, cheerfully and lovingly to our High Priest through His church for the furtherance of the gospel of Christ, relief of the poor and the expenses of a meeting place.

With trust in the Lord to keep us steadfast in this our constitution we humbly ask a daily supply of Divine grace in Jesus Name, Amen!