Back to the Basics: Unconditional Election

In this sermon, Elder Marty Hoskins discusses the second point in his series on the doctrine of salvation. In today’s message, Brother Marty deals with the doctrine of election from a scriptural standpoint rather than an emotional one. Play in new window | Download

Through the Lens

Brother Jake Page reminds us that God sees us through the work of his Son on the cross. He reminds us that we should look at one another the same way. Play in new window | Download

Back to the Basics: Total Depravity

Pastor Marty begins a series of sermons on the basics of the doctrine of our salvation. In this first message, he explains the doctrine of Total Depravity and describes the reality of it, the extent of it, and the effect of it. Play in new window | Download

Stepping Out in Faith

Brother Victor Halbgewachs takes this opportunity to inform the church that the he feels he may be called to the ministry. He talks to the church about the need to take steps of and act in faith when following the Lord where ever he may lead. Play in new window | Download

Come as You Are

In today’s religious culture, some have concluded that the church should accept “sinners”. In this message, Elder Marty Hoskins explains that the Gospel does call people to Christ to come as they are, but once they come, they are not to stay as they were. The message of truth is supposed to be a transforming…

The Power of God

Brother Jake Page delivers a brief message on the power of God. Play in new window | Download

A Royal Priesthood

In this message, Pastor Marty compares and contrasts two scriptures showing the similarities and differences between the priesthood of the Israelites of the Old Testament to the Priesthood of the believer in the New Testament. Play in new window | Download

The Power of Christ

In this message, Elder Charles Godwin, pastor of the Pleasant Hill Church in Graceville, FL, delivers a passionate message centering around the power of Christ. Play in new window | Download

The Gifts of the Ministry

Pastor Marty takes an opportunity to talk to the church about the blessing of having ministerial gifts rise up on the church. Play in new window | Download

Thou Makest Me Dwell in Safety

In today’s message, Elder Marty preaches from Psalm 4 focusing on the culmination of that Psalm in verse 8 that tells us that the Lord makes us to dwell in safety. We have such a blessing to know that the Lord is always providing for us and always aware of our circumstances. As a result,…

Jesus is the Light

Pastor Marty discusses the concept of light in contrast to darkness. He shows that darkness cannot overcome light and that light is both the life of God in us and the knowledge of the gospel. The light of life is required to have the light of knowledge. Come and join us today as we learn…

Something You Did Not Expect from the Pulpit

Pastor Marty spends this message talking about commitment from the perspective of being committed to Christ rather than being committed to the church. We should be committed to Christ, and therefore should be the church. As the Bride of Christ, we should embody what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ. Play…