In this episode of Handfuls of Purpose, Pastor Marty talks about memorials of the Old and New Testaments, and how we can be establishing memorials in our lives that will open doors of opportunity for us to share the gospel message with our children, grandchildren, and others with which we come in contact. Play…

There is Reason to Contend

Elder Marty Hoskins continues the series on the book of Jude by discussing two primary reasons that we should contend for the faith: 1) there are false teachers that have crept into our churches and our hearts, and 2) there are consequences to the loss of truth. Play in new window | Download

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

In this Handfuls of Purpose episode, Pastor Marty Hoskins discussed Matthew 6:33, and how the lessons of this verse can help us find peace in the troubled world in which we live. This podcast episode is especially suited to family worship. It would be particularly useful for a Saturday evening worship with your family to…

Jude – A Faith Worth Fighting For

Pastor Marty Hoskins used Jude verse 3 to explain what the “common salvation” is and what it means to contend for it. He also discusses how “the faith” was once delivered and how important Biblical truth is to Jude and, therefore, should be to us. Play in new window | Download

What is Handfuls of Purpose?

In this first episode of the audio version of Handfuls of Purpose there is a call to prayer and an explanation of the purpose and mission of this audio ministry. Additionally, there is an explanation of from where the name, “Handfuls of Purpose”, comes. Stay tuned as this podcast is will soon be listed in…

June 2021 Annual Meeting

Dallas Primitive Baptist Church plans to host her summer annual worship and communion meeting the weekend of the first Sunday in June. The meeting schedule will be as follows: Thursday, June 3 – Worship at 7:00 pm with refreshments followingFriday, June 4 – Worship at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 7:00 pm with Lunch and…

Introduction to Worship at Dallas

This video was originally part of a series, and in this first video there is a discussion of what to expect if you decide to come and worship with us.

Facebook Live!!

We live feed our worship services every Sunday, Morning to Facebook.  We start our live stream immediately following our prayer requests, so we are usually online by 10:45 or 10:50.  You can find these live feeds on our facebook page at:

Website Redesign

We have rebuilt our website from the ground up. With this rebuild, we are going to focus on delivering audio content through our site while still maintaining our live video feeds on Facebook. The redesign will make our website more podcast friendly and allow us to add audio versions of our weekly pulpit sermons to…

Jude – The Holy Trinity

This is the first message in a series on the Book of Jude by our Pastor, Marty Hoskins. In this first message, Brother Marty discusses the authorship of Jude and then examines the three characterizations that Jude uses to identify his audience. Listen to the message and see the work of The Holy Trinity in…

Unto the Other Side

In this message, Pastor Marty Hoskins takes up Mark 4:35-41 where the disciples grow fearful of a storm that has swamped the ship in which they are sailing. Brother Marty challenges us to think abstractly in considering the journey in the ship as a metaphor for life and the storm as a metaphor for the…

An Everlasting Kingdom

This message was preached by Pastor Marty Hoskins during the 2020 presidential election. Our nation is certainly divided, but there is a kingdom beyond this kingdom that deserves more of our focus. Play in new window | Download