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Handfuls of Purpose – Episode 2

by admin

This is the second episode of Handfuls of Purpose. In this espisode, I talk about how the name, Handfuls of Purpose, was chosen. Make sure to click the YouTube link in the footer or header of this website so you can subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Handfuls of Purpose – Episode 1

by admin

Welcome to the first episode of Handfuls of Purpose.  A ministry focused on communicating Biblical truth. This first episode is an introduction to worship at the Dallas Primitive Baptist Church.

Video Sermons and Live Feed

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We are now live feeding our worship services every Sunday, Morning at 10:30 am to Facebook Live.  You can find these live feeds on our facebook page at: We have also started a YouTube channel where we are uploading video’s of sermons from our pulpit.  Search YouTube for the Dallas Primitive Baptist Church Channel.