Special Preaching Appointments

Elder Marty Hoskins will be traveling during the month of July. In an extremely rare circumstance, he will not be in the Dallas Pulpit two Sundays in a row. The following appointments have been arranged to fill the Dallas Pulpit for those days.

July 18, 2021 – Elder Charles Godwin – Brother Charles is no stranger to the Dallas Church. He is pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church in Graceville, FL. Brother Charles has a passion for Christ and delivers sermons that reflects that passion.

July 25, 2021 – Elder Roger Campbell – Brother Roger is currently not serving any church as pastor, but has been a long time friend of our people at Dallas. Brother Roger comes to us from Southern Tennessee and has always been a willing and humble servant of the Lord.

We so much appreciate the willingness of these men to share their gifts with us and invite you to come praying that you might receive a message from the Lord.

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