Sermons by Vince Hardy

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We Have a Mediator


Brother Vince Hardy preaches a powerful message on the man Christ Jesus as our Mediator.  He reminds us that the reason we need a mediator is because there is a problem between man and God. That problem is not small, it is large.  The problem is sin!



Elder Vince Hardy preaches a powerful sermon on the doctrine of election. He points out that the doctrine of election is eternal because it happened before the foundation of the world.  He emphasized that it is personal because the Lord knoweth them that are his.  And he showed that it is unconditional because the objects […]

Will You Stand Alone


Brother Vince Hardy addresses the issue of peer pressure and how it affects behavior.  He then looks at several examples of those that were influenced by their fear of not going along with others and then examples of those that stood in the face of opposition.

All is Thine


As our meeting continues, it seems a theme has developed.  God is a sovereign God.  Brother Vince Hardy focuses on the fact that God owns everything.

The Active Providence of God


Elder Vince Hardy reminds us that God did not just create the world, set it in motion, and then set back to watch the result.  God is the God of providence and is actively involved in upholding his people and all his creation.  It is certainly encouraging to hear that God is so active in […]