Sermons by Marty Hoskins

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Marty Hoskins is the pastor of the Dallas Primitive Baptist Church in Dallas, GA



In today’s message, Brother Marty continues a series on the Gospel according to John but taking up John 16:7-11. This message begins by using Romans 11:1-21 to create a backdrop on which to frame our understanding. Please listen in as the Gospel is preached.

Go and Sin No More


In this message, Pastor Marty focuses on John 8:1-11 where scripture records the story of the woman caught in adultery and her encounter with Christ. In this message, Pastor Marty encourages us to see this story from the perspective that we are the woman. We are the one that is guilty, and we are the […]

Come and Believe – Same or Different


In John 6:35, may conclude that Jesus is equating “coming to Him” with outward profession of belief. In this message, Pastor Hoskins places this scripture in context of the current discussion to show that Jesus was equating coming with being a believer in the sense that one is born again. This interpretation liberates us from […]

The King That Would Not Be King


Did you know that the Jewish people, at one point, tried to take Jesus by force and make him thier King. In this message, Brother Marty speaks about John 6:15 which falls immediately after the feeding of the five thousand.