Sermons by Marty Hoskins

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Marty Hoskins is the pastor of the Dallas Primitive Baptist Church in Dallas, GA

Singleness of Heart and Mind


Many try to live by priority lists. However, scripture teaches us that we be single in our focus. It tells is to let our eye be single and have singleness of heart. Listen in as Pastor Marty talks to us about have singleness of heart and mind.



In today’s message, Brother Marty discusses the topic of Worship. In Genesis 22, the story of Abraham being called to offer his son Issac as a sacrifice to God is used to illustrate the elements and requirements of true worship. If you have wondered what it means to worship God, then we recommend that you […]

I Have Overcome the World


In todays message, Elder Marty Hoskins reminds us that though this world will give us tribulation, Jesus has overcome the world. Since Jesus has overcome the world, he has made us overcomers as well.

For God So Loved the World


In this message, Brother Marty deals with one of the most quoted and well known verses in God’s Holy word, John 3:16. This message examines the context of this scripture and attempts to explain the true meaning of the text.

The Lord Searcheth the Heart


This message is part of a continuing series on the Gospel of John. In this message, Brother Marty finishes with an exposition of the end of Chapter 2. In this message, Pastor Marty deals with the fact that many who saw the miracles of Christ believed, but only in a superficial, self serving way. The […]

The Brothers of Jesus


This is the second in a two part series on the natural family of Jesus. In this message Pastor Marty spends time examining the fall into unbelief of the four natural half brothers of Jesus. The unbelief of these young men grows deeper and deeper as Jesus’ ministry becomes more and more confrontational. It is […]

Mary, the Mother of Jesus


The interactions between Jesus, the man, and his natural family are an interesting study in redemption and consolation. In this sermon, Brother Marty examines the interactions between Jesus and Mary (the mother of Jesus). We see that this relationship appears strained and fractured, especially as Jesus enters his public ministry and becomes a more and […]

The Lamb of God


Today’s message addresses three statements in the scriptures regarding Jesus as the Lamb of God.  In the Old Testament, the question is asked, “Where is the lamb?”, in the gospels we find the statement “Behold the Lamb of God”, and in the book of the Revelation, we find the statement “Worthy is the Lamb.”