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Church Attendance


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about the things that should motivate us to regularly attend worship services.  This message focuses on how the scripture teaches us that our attendance is a motivation to our brethren and is an act of service toward those that we encounter in the worship service.

Building the Church


What is your role in building the church? What is God’s role? In today’s sermon, Pastor Marty provides answers straight from God’s Holy Word.

The Christ Centered Life – Part 2


Pastor Hoskins continues talking about the transforming power of the Gospel.  In this message, the focus is on what a transform life looks like.  The transformed life is pictured as a life that is centered on Christ and the basis for which is love.



Brother Charles Godwin, Pastor of the Pleasant Hill Church in Graceville, FL,  preaches a beautiful sermon on the subject of prayer.  We could try to describe it, but we can only say that you need to listen.

The Last Song


The last of the Psalms, Psalm 150, is a song of praise, so too, the last song of the child of God will be a song of praise.  We will not be lamenting our pain and suffering on earth, but rather, we will be praising the Lamb that was worthy to open the seals.  The […]

The Purpose of the Church


In this sermon, Elder Hoskins presents a message on the purpose of the church.  God established the church upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and did so to provide a place of worship, fellowship, and discipleship for God’s people.  Through the church, God has also provided a place that can be the source of ministry […]