The Word

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Today’s message is a simple message.  Pastor Marty presents a message on the importance of truth.  In today’s culture, it seems that there is a truth that is right for one person and another truth that is right for somebody else.  In this message, Brother Marty asserts that there is but on truth and that […]

Exhort One Another

The gift of exhortation is a Biblical gift that does not just belong to the ministry.  This gift belongs to those that are in the pew as well.  In Hebrews, we are twice told to exhort one another.  In this message, Pastor Marty talks about the gift of exhortation and the role it plays in […]

In God


In Psalm 56, the psalmist tells us that he is under attack, but in spite of the difficulties he had put his trust in God.  In this message, Pastor Marty tells us about the things that scripture describes as a being “in God.”

Break Up the Fallow Ground


In the prophecy of Jeremiah, Jeremiah tells the people to break the fallow ground.  Our hearts are the ground upon which the seed of the gospel is sowed.  We need to break that ground so that the seed falls on good ground and bears fruit.  In todays message, Pastor Marty looks at scriptures in Isaiah […]

The Word of God


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about both the written/preached word and the living word.  The focus is on the living word and how it differs from the written word in power and purpose.

A Letter From God


Many believe that the Bible is written to fallen and unrepentant sinners in an attempt to get them to turn from their sin and be saved.  Pastor Marty challenges this view by demonstrating that the Bible clearly states to whom it is written.  How we view scripture will shape the outcome.  We should be sure […]

Overcoming Fear


When the Three Hebrew Children answered the king, they demonstrated that they were not afraid of the threats of the world around them against their faith.  Brother Marty addresses the concept of fear within this message, particularly focusing on what the Three Hebrew Children had in their lives that helped them deal with their fears.

Hold Fast to the Word


In this message, Pastor Marty discusses the importance of holding on to the world of God.  He gives 7 reasons to be in the word and to hold on to the word.  Additionally, Pastor Marty gives some practical advice on how to make the word a regular part of your day with prayer that it […]