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I Have Overcome the World


In todays message, Elder Marty Hoskins reminds us that though this world will give us tribulation, Jesus has overcome the world. Since Jesus has overcome the world, he has made us overcomers as well.

In God


In Psalm 56, the psalmist tells us that he is under attack, but in spite of the difficulties he had put his trust in God.  In this message, Pastor Marty tells us about the things that scripture describes as a being “in God.”

What is the Vision of Your Head?


King Nebuchadnezzar, though referred to as God’s servant, was certainly caught up in the sin of pride.  In this message on Daniel chapter 4, Pastor Marty discusses the lessons we can learn from Nebuchadnezzar’s esperience.

I Was Blind – Part 2


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  In this message, Brother Marty focuses on the young man’s experiences with the Pharisees.  We learn that sometimes we will be challenged to stand for the truth even though we may have to stand alone.

I Was Blind – Part 1


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  One of the first things we learn is that not all suffering is the direct result of a specific sin.  Though sin always leads to some form of suffering, not all suffering is a result of sin. In this […]

Comfort through Suffering


Are you suffering? Do you know someone that is? Why would a loving God allow his people to suffer? In today’s sermon, Brother Marty provides answers straight from scripture about God’s purpose for suffering in our lives.