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Riches vs. Righteousness


We live in a world that is focused on material success, even to the point that many associate material wealth and physical health with spiritual success. The reality is that scripture focuses on the condition of the heart rather than external indicators. In today’s message, Brother Marty uses Proverbs 11:4 to examine what scripture has […]

10 Principles of Giving


The Bible has a lot to say about money.  It is no wonder that our church covenants also address the issue of financial support of the church and, therefore, the ministry of the church.  Today’s message focuses on 10 New Testament principles that should guide our New Testament giving.

Money – Spiritual Matters


In this final message in the “Money” series, Pastor Marty takes up the spiritual significance of our dealings with money.  The focus is on our giving to the Lord through the church.

Money – Practical Matters


The Bible gives solid practical guidance with regards to financial management.  Within the word we can find advice regarding debt, gambling, and investment.  Pastor Hoskins explores the scriptures related to the practical management of our finances.

Money – Our Attitude


Scripture tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil.  Money,  itself, is neither good nor bad.  The spiritual significance of money is dependent on our attitude toward it.  In this message, Brother Marty reminds us that we should view money as a resource that belongs to God and is granted […]

The Money Top Ten


In today’s message, Pastor Marty takes a look at what the Bible has to say about money.  It is quite remarkable how much scripture actually addresses on this topic.  In this message, Pastor Marty gives an overview of ten of the major money themes addressed within the word of God.  These principles could have a […]