Ministering to Others

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The Lost


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about the subject of the lost and shows that there is more to the concept of ministering to the lost than the idea of evangelism. Truely those that are lost are those that were once in the fold, but now are out for one reason or another. In this […]

Come and See!


In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus is asked “Where dwellest thou?” In response to that question, Jesus tells two disciples to “Come and See.”  Scripture says that they came and saw where He dwelt and they abode with Him.  Do we understand that when we invite others to “Come and see” […]

I Was Blind – Part 2


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  In this message, Brother Marty focuses on the young man’s experiences with the Pharisees.  We learn that sometimes we will be challenged to stand for the truth even though we may have to stand alone.

Church Attendance


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about the things that should motivate us to regularly attend worship services.  This message focuses on how the scripture teaches us that our attendance is a motivation to our brethren and is an act of service toward those that we encounter in the worship service.

Who is Your Samaritan


What can you say?  This was probably the most memorable sermon from the North Georgia Fellowship Meeting.  The meeting had been building all weekend, and God just seemed to poor out his anointing on Brother Jeff Winfrey.  Brother Jeff deals with the concept that the Samaritans were hated by the Jews and asks the question […]