Living for Christ

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God’s Love is Forever


The Mark account of the rich young ruler, we are told that Jesus loved him.  This love is important to the narrative and the interpretation of the events that unfold between this young man and Jesus.  Brother Marty uses the story of the rich young ruler to teach us about election and God’s love for […]

Exhort One Another

The gift of exhortation is a Biblical gift that does not just belong to the ministry.  This gift belongs to those that are in the pew as well.  In Hebrews, we are twice told to exhort one another.  In this message, Pastor Marty talks about the gift of exhortation and the role it plays in […]

In This or In That


In Romans 6:1-14, Paul challenges us to choose to walk in the newness of life rather than continuing to live and dwell in sin.  We have a choice to be “IN” this or “IN” that.  This is sin and that is the newness of life. Today’s message is a powerful reminder by Pastor Marty that […]

In Christ


The first and second Thessalonians, Paul introduces the epistle by addressing the saints that are “IN” God and “IN” Christ.  In today’s message, Brother Marty talks about the power of the word “IN”.  Being “IN” something changes things.  The word “IN” may be small, but it changes things.  Pastor Marty talks today about those things […]

Come and See!


In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus is asked “Where dwellest thou?” In response to that question, Jesus tells two disciples to “Come and See.”  Scripture says that they came and saw where He dwelt and they abode with Him.  Do we understand that when we invite others to “Come and see” […]

God’s Way is Always the Best Way


Today’s message is taken from the first chapter of the book of Daniel.  Daniel makes a decision, and others follow.  That decision is that he will not participate in the things of Babylon.  He is going to separate himself and be who God wants him to be.  In this message, we learn that God’s way […]

Will You Stand Alone


Brother Vince Hardy addresses the issue of peer pressure and how it affects behavior.  He then looks at several examples of those that were influenced by their fear of not going along with others and then examples of those that stood in the face of opposition.

Break Up the Fallow Ground


In the prophecy of Jeremiah, Jeremiah tells the people to break the fallow ground.  Our hearts are the ground upon which the seed of the gospel is sowed.  We need to break that ground so that the seed falls on good ground and bears fruit.  In todays message, Pastor Marty looks at scriptures in Isaiah […]

I Was Blind – Part 2


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  In this message, Brother Marty focuses on the young man’s experiences with the Pharisees.  We learn that sometimes we will be challenged to stand for the truth even though we may have to stand alone.

I Was Blind – Part 1


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  One of the first things we learn is that not all suffering is the direct result of a specific sin.  Though sin always leads to some form of suffering, not all suffering is a result of sin. In this […]