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The King That Would Not Be King


Did you know that the Jewish people, at one point, tried to take Jesus by force and make him thier King. In this message, Brother Marty speaks about John 6:15 which falls immediately after the feeding of the five thousand.

We Have a Mediator


Brother Vince Hardy preaches a powerful message on the man Christ Jesus as our Mediator.  He reminds us that the reason we need a mediator is because there is a problem between man and God. That problem is not small, it is large.  The problem is sin!

The Resurrection – Jesus did what he said he would do


Part two in the Resurrection series. Last week we learned that Jesus is EXACTLY who he said he was. This week Brother Marty reveals through Scripture that Jesus did what he said he would do!  What comfort it brings to know that Jesus really did come to save those that were given him.

Looking Unto Christ


Brother David delivers a beautiful message exhorting us to look unto Christ.  There is nothing in our life where Christ cannot be the answer.

Come and Take


Pastor Marty takes a break from the “Money” series to examine a scripture where the Lord calls upon those that labor and are heavy laden to “come” and “take” his yoke upon them and learn of Him.

Proof of the Resurrection


There is a great deal of information from various sources that attempt to prove the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The truth is that is impossible to prove this event to one that is not willing to accept it.  The reality of the resurrection is founded in our faith.  Though we cannot prove […]

The Followers of Christ


Using the story in John 6 of Jesus feeding the five thousand, Brother Marty talks about the various followers of Christ.  Some followed him for the spectacle of the miracles, and some followed him because they were fed.  However, there were some that followed him because they believed he was the Messiah.  When Jesus began […]

Jesus Through the Eyes of Joshua


Joshua meets encounters a man. Pastor Hoskins shows that this man was a pre-incarnate appearance of our Lord and then takes on a journey to see Jesus through the eyes of Joshua and his encounter.