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Come and Believe – Same or Different


In John 6:35, may conclude that Jesus is equating “coming to Him” with outward profession of belief. In this message, Pastor Hoskins places this scripture in context of the current discussion to show that Jesus was equating coming with being a believer in the sense that one is born again. This interpretation liberates us from […]

I Have Overcome the World


In todays message, Elder Marty Hoskins reminds us that though this world will give us tribulation, Jesus has overcome the world. Since Jesus has overcome the world, he has made us overcomers as well.

A Giant Problem


In today’s sermon, Pastor Marty takes scripture that we are all familiar with, the story of David and Goliath, and gives us five truths to live by. This message will give you confidence, strength and assurance for living your daily life.

Liberty in Christ


Elder Larry White delivers a touching and informative message about the liberty that the believer enjoys in living for Christ.  In this message, Brother Larry talks about the limitations on that liberty and reminds us that our liberty is only realized when we follow after Christ and live in the word.