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The Lost


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about the subject of the lost and shows that there is more to the concept of ministering to the lost than the idea of evangelism. Truely those that are lost are those that were once in the fold, but now are out for one reason or another. In this […]

God’s Love is Forever


The Mark account of the rich young ruler, we are told that Jesus loved him.  This love is important to the narrative and the interpretation of the events that unfold between this young man and Jesus.  Brother Marty uses the story of the rich young ruler to teach us about election and God’s love for […]

Is Jesus Your Rock?


In today’s affluent society with all it’s prosperity, people are taught to be independent.  Scripture, however, teaches us to be dependent on Christ.  In this message, Brother Marty Hoskins talks about the need to depend on the Lord and to live that dependence in a practical way.

From Shame to Glory


In today’s message, Elder Marty deals with another paradox in II Corinthians.  In this message, we are reminded that we are creatures of contrast.  It is hard for us to truly understand what it means to experience glory if we have not experienced shame.  Just as Christ humbled himself to death on the tree so […]