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I Have Overcome the World


In todays message, Elder Marty Hoskins reminds us that though this world will give us tribulation, Jesus has overcome the world. Since Jesus has overcome the world, he has made us overcomers as well.

In Christ


The first and second Thessalonians, Paul introduces the epistle by addressing the saints that are “IN” God and “IN” Christ.  In today’s message, Brother Marty talks about the power of the word “IN”.  Being “IN” something changes things.  The word “IN” may be small, but it changes things.  Pastor Marty talks today about those things […]


Tomorrow is not in our hands. No one knows what tomorrow brings. The only thing we know about “tomorrow” is that it’s uncertain at best. We can trust God with more than tomorrow…we can trust God with our eternity.

Don’t Ever Give Up on God


We live in a world with a lot of difficulty that makes it easy to come to the place where we want to give up.  We have to remember that if we give up, we are giving up on God.  In today’s message, Brother Marty encourages us to never give up on God and gives […]

God is Able To Deliver


In today’s message, Pastor Marty uses the story of the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace to demonstrate that we have a God that is able to deliver.  This message will take you on a journey in an attempt to get you to put yourself in the story and feel what these three young […]

God’s Way is Always the Best Way


Today’s message is taken from the first chapter of the book of Daniel.  Daniel makes a decision, and others follow.  That decision is that he will not participate in the things of Babylon.  He is going to separate himself and be who God wants him to be.  In this message, we learn that God’s way […]

I Was Blind – Part 1


In John 9 is a powerful story about a young man that was blind from birth.  One of the first things we learn is that not all suffering is the direct result of a specific sin.  Though sin always leads to some form of suffering, not all suffering is a result of sin. In this […]

A Letter From God


Many believe that the Bible is written to fallen and unrepentant sinners in an attempt to get them to turn from their sin and be saved.  Pastor Marty challenges this view by demonstrating that the Bible clearly states to whom it is written.  How we view scripture will shape the outcome.  We should be sure […]

Overcoming Fear


When the Three Hebrew Children answered the king, they demonstrated that they were not afraid of the threats of the world around them against their faith.  Brother Marty addresses the concept of fear within this message, particularly focusing on what the Three Hebrew Children had in their lives that helped them deal with their fears.