Assurance of Salvation

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The Spirit of Adoption


In today’s message, Pastor Marty discusses the doctrine of Adoption.  This is a powerful presentation of the Scriptural doctrine that should bring great comfort to us.  We invite you to listen in and be blessed by the word of God.

God is Able To Deliver


In today’s message, Pastor Marty uses the story of the three Hebrew children and the fiery furnace to demonstrate that we have a God that is able to deliver.  This message will take you on a journey in an attempt to get you to put yourself in the story and feel what these three young […]

Jesus Came!


Central to the Christian faith is the message that Jesus came in the flesh and that he came to save.  In today’s message, Brother Marty presents scripture to encourage us that no only has Jesus come, but he came to save his people.



Today’s message is a very simple message.  It focuses on the eternal security of the believer.  God knows his people and has reserved for them a home in heaven.  That home is not dependent on the frail workings of men but rather on the work of Jesus Christ.

A Troubled Soul seeks Help


Did you know that the child of God that has not experienced regeneration looks by nature to be just as the children of wrath? The person who has yet to experience being born again has never been troubled by his sin. Listen as Brother Marty explains and proves these critical points using God’s Holy Word.

Blessed Assurance


One of the sweetest benefits to the child of God that lives a life of faith is the blessed assurance of a home in heaven after this world.  The basis of this assurance comes from the message of the Gospel.  Pastor Hoskins examines some of the basic evidences that are detailed in the First Epistle […]