Sermons from July 2018

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The King That Would Not Be King


Did you know that the Jewish people, at one point, tried to take Jesus by force and make him thier King. In this message, Brother Marty speaks about John 6:15 which falls immediately after the feeding of the five thousand.

Feeding of the Five Thousand


In this message, Brother Marty takes up the story of the feeding of the five thousand in John chapter 6. Have you ever looked at this story from the perspective of the apostles or the people or the young lad? If not, we invite you to listen.

The Lost


In today‚Äôs message, Pastor Marty talks about the subject of the lost and shows that there is more to the concept of ministering to the lost than the idea of evangelism. Truely those that are lost are those that were once in the fold, but now are out for one reason or another. In this […]