Sermons from July 2017

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Come and See!


In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus is asked “Where dwellest thou?” In response to that question, Jesus tells two disciples to “Come and See.”  Scripture says that they came and saw where He dwelt and they abode with Him.  Do we understand that when we invite others to “Come and see” […]

Justice is the Habitation of His Throne


Routinely, we find that the people of God are uniquely blessed in the Old Testament.  We find people like Daniel, Joseph, and Isaac, where the work of their hands is blessed beyond those around them.  As a result, they are often opposed and oppressed, but God is still God and often overrules the injustices that […]

Is Jesus Your Rock?


In today’s affluent society with all it’s prosperity, people are taught to be independent.  Scripture, however, teaches us to be dependent on Christ.  In this message, Brother Marty Hoskins talks about the need to depend on the Lord and to live that dependence in a practical way.