Sermons from February 2017

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10 Principles of Giving


The Bible has a lot to say about money.  It is no wonder that our church covenants also address the issue of financial support of the church and, therefore, the ministry of the church.  Today’s message focuses on 10 New Testament principles that should guide our New Testament giving.

Overcoming Fear


When the Three Hebrew Children answered the king, they demonstrated that they were not afraid of the threats of the world around them against their faith.  Brother Marty addresses the concept of fear within this message, particularly focusing on what the Three Hebrew Children had in their lives that helped them deal with their fears.

The Spiritual Obligations of Church Membership


Most Churches have a collection of founding documents.  Among those documents is usually a Church Covenant.  Within that covenant is contained a description of what that church believes is the Biblical statement of church member’s obligations toward the church and one another.  Those obligations are usually broken down into spiritual and physical obligations.  In today’s […]

Church Attendance


In today’s message, Pastor Marty talks about the things that should motivate us to regularly attend worship services.  This message focuses on how the scripture teaches us that our attendance is a motivation to our brethren and is an act of service toward those that we encounter in the worship service.