Sermons from June 2015

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A Cultural Headwind


Marriage is a sacred institution created by God.  Many believe that because non-believers participate in this institution that is a secular right that joins two together in a committed relationship.  As result of this secular view, governments have begun to declare that marriage is a right that should be granted a governed by societal and […]

Receiving the Promises of God


As Old Baptist, our faith should be objective. The Bible says there are things that are right and things that are wrong. We do not have the option of choosing what we believe. We are to believe what God tells us in his word.  Brother Marty brings us an incredible message from God’s Word on living […]

A Troubled Soul seeks Help


Did you know that the child of God that has not experienced regeneration looks by nature to be just as the children of wrath? The person who has yet to experience being born again has never been troubled by his sin. Listen as Brother Marty explains and proves these critical points using God’s Holy Word.

The Elect of God


Elder Matt Jordan brings is the 2nd morning sermon on day 2 of our Anniversary meeting.  Have you heard of the Elect of God? Listen closely and learn.

The Gospel


Elder Joseph Weyel opens the Friday morning meeting with an excellent sermon on what we, as Primitive Baptist, believe is the role of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also lays out how Primitive Baptist differ from other Baptist in regards to the Gospel.



Elder Matt Jordan opened our 3-day Anniversary meeting Thursday night with a powerful sermon on our communication with God.