Sermons from March 2015

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Through God’s Eyes


Today’s sermon continues last week’s lesson on walking by faith. Brother Marty uses Scripture to give examples of the glorious impact that faith has had on people’s lives. Are you now or have you ever been in a valley and asked “Where is God?” If so, this sermon is for you!

Walk by Faith


In today’s sermon, Brother Marty gave examples from scripture of people who lived by faith. Are you looking at the time, gifts, and possessions that you have to offer through your eyes or through faith (God’s eyes)? Most of us have read the scripture (Exodus Ch. 4) of Moses throwing down his rod (staff) and […]

Liberty in Christ


Elder Larry White delivers a touching and informative message about the liberty that the believer enjoys in living for Christ.  In this message, Brother Larry talks about the limitations on that liberty and reminds us that our liberty is only realized when we follow after Christ and live in the word.

From Shame to Glory


In today’s message, Elder Marty deals with another paradox in II Corinthians.  In this message, we are reminded that we are creatures of contrast.  It is hard for us to truly understand what it means to experience glory if we have not experienced shame.  Just as Christ humbled himself to death on the tree so […]

Comfort through Suffering


Are you suffering? Do you know someone that is? Why would a loving God allow his people to suffer? In today’s sermon, Brother Marty provides answers straight from scripture about God’s purpose for suffering in our lives.

Building the Church


What is your role in building the church? What is God’s role? In today’s sermon, Pastor Marty provides answers straight from God’s Holy Word.