Sermons from August 2013

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Proof of the Resurrection


There is a great deal of information from various sources that attempt to prove the reality of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The truth is that is impossible to prove this event to one that is not willing to accept it.  The reality of the resurrection is founded in our faith.  Though we cannot prove […]

Mary and the Mercy Seat


All of the elements of the Old Testament worship service were pictures of the coming Savior.  The Mercy Seat is no different.  In this sermon, Pastor Hoskins makes a connection between the Mercy Seat and the resurrected Savior through the experience of Mary at the tomb of Christ.



Brother Charles Godwin, Pastor of the Pleasant Hill Church in Graceville, FL,  preaches a beautiful sermon on the subject of prayer.  We could try to describe it, but we can only say that you need to listen.