Sermons from June 2013

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The Followers of Christ


Using the story in John 6 of Jesus feeding the five thousand, Brother Marty talks about the various followers of Christ.  Some followed him for the spectacle of the miracles, and some followed him because they were fed.  However, there were some that followed him because they believed he was the Messiah.  When Jesus began […]

Blessed Assurance


One of the sweetest benefits to the child of God that lives a life of faith is the blessed assurance of a home in heaven after this world.  The basis of this assurance comes from the message of the Gospel.  Pastor Hoskins examines some of the basic evidences that are detailed in the First Epistle […]

Receive the Word


On two occasions in 1st Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul refers to those in the church as having “received the word.”  In this sermon, Brother Marty examines they ways in which we receive the word of God.  As part of this examination, the difference between the written word (the Gospel message) and the living word (Jesus […]

Mark Them!


Scripture teaches us to mark them which cause divisions and offences; and to avoid them. (Romans 16:17)  In this sermon, Brother Marty deals with this topic from a Biblical perspective and provides a balanced and scriptural view of what it means to “mark” and to “avoid” them.  If you have a desire to live a […]

The Ministry Given to Us


In this sermon, Brother Tim Montgomery speaks of the ministry that has been given to us.  This is not the ministry given to preachers and elders, but rather that given to every member of the body of Christ.  Every child of grace needs to know and claim the ministry that God has given them.