Sermons from May 2013

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Hope and Earnest Expectation


Elder Tim Montgomery explains that contrary to popular belief, the hope that we have and our earnest expectation are actually two different things that we have in Christ to aid us in our journey through this world.  This sermon is an encouraging look at the blessings that God has given us through Christ to assist […]

The Last Song


The last of the Psalms, Psalm 150, is a song of praise, so too, the last song of the child of God will be a song of praise.  We will not be lamenting our pain and suffering on earth, but rather, we will be praising the Lamb that was worthy to open the seals.  The […]

Baptism – Re-Baptism


Primitive Baptists are often criticized for may things.  One of which is the practice of baptizing those that come to them even though they may have been baptized in a church of a different denomination. In this sermon, Pastor Marty explains this practice from both a historical and Biblical perspective.  This sermon gives a historical […]