Yesterday was  a blessed day in the Lord.  It started off much like many others with a few saints gathered for worship.  As the song service began, more and more of God’s children filtered into the sanctuary.  Before long, the church was occupied by a good number of people that seemed anxious to worship and genuinely happy to be there.  What was especially satisfying was the sound of young people in the worship service.  Many think that children belong in a nursery so that they adults can have quiet and easy worship experience. Not at the Dallas Church!  We believe in and practice family integrated worship where entire families can sit together and worship God.  As a result, we not only accustomed to the sound of children in our sanctuary during worship, but we rejoice in it.  Yesterday was one of those days where we could rejoice in just that.

The nature of the worship carried right over into the afternoon fellowship as we shared in a meal at the church.  The sounds of children playing and good fellowship was between the saints of God was refreshing and encouraging.  We were fed from the Master’s spiritual table, and the blessed to be feed from a natural table.  God is good!